Bond Formulas

Checklists and formulas help assist an operator in calculating the engineering and environmental costs required to properly stabilize, reclaim, and restore the area disturbed by his or her operations. Reclamation activity can generally be categorized into three distinct activity groups:

  1. 1) Earthwork / Recontouring
  2. 2) Revegetation / Stabilization
  3. 3) Detoxification and disposal of wastes

Each of these separate activity groups require that an operator budget for labor, materials and the equipment necessary to accomplish the reclamation plan. Also, budget must be set asid e for post reclamation monitoring and the cost of bonding.

We by NO means intend this information to be a "teaching tool", providing instruction on how to calculate reclamation plan outlays. YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO DRAW YOUR PLAN AND BUDGET! The formulas provided here are for your convenience in determining bonding costs only.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) bond key
Nevada Department of Environmental Protection bond key
Pennsylvania Office of Mineral Resources Management bond key
California Department of Conservation bond key
Kentucky Department for Natural Resources bond key
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality bond key
South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources (fixed bond amount)
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality bond key
Montana Department of Environmental Quality bond key
Arizona Office of the Surface Mine Inspector